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DJ SZARAPOW – “Living Through The Eighties”.

December 27, 2007

Mixtape recorded at Stirka bar, St. Petersburg, May 18, 2007.



chernavsky & matetsky – zdravstvui malchik bananan *the jam – precious * the fall – telephone thing * stevie wonder – superstition * serge gainsbourg & charlotte gainsbourg – lemon incest *meeting on elbe – light my fire * david bowie – look back in anger * the b-52’s – give me back my man * center – privet * killing joke – eighties * petlya nesterova – vyzhit * cabaret voltaire – why kill time (when you can kill yourself) * kino – muraveinik * ninetynine – the process * midnight oil – beds are burning * linton kwesi johnson – di black petty bushwah * stranniye igry – smotri v oba * trojans – arna-fari * the clash – the guns of brixton * public image ltd. – public image * siouxsie & the banshees – happy house * no hope for the kids – rainy day * black sabbath – paranoid * motorhead – ace of spades * judas priest – breaking the law

This is what you get when you mess with us.


CHIMERA – Control (Studio 1996).

December 26, 2007

The video which I think was filmed for Alexander Rozanov’s feature-length documentary film “Stop Your Steam Train” (“Tormozi Svoi Parovoz”) shows St. Petersburg’s greatest band CHIMERA recording their last album “Zudwa” at the Melodiya studio St. Petersburg. That was in the Summer of 1996. The tape was released in Spring 1997 but the singer / guitarist / trumpet player Eduard “Redt” Starkov has killed himself in February 1997.

Ta: Alex Volkov.

A few more hardcore vids.

December 26, 2007

Just to top it off, a couple more old school hardcore vids from Russia.

POSADIL DEREVO (Volgograd, Russia) “Antipatriot” – September 12, 1998 at Rodina Cinema in Volgograd ––jR5yGKeYo (Former and future members of WHEEL OF DHARMA and BREAKWAR. One of the more important hardcore bands in that city in South Russia).

B’67 (Moscow, Russia) CORNERSTONE cover – 2000 at Jerry Rubin club, Moscow – (THE old school sXe band. The singer, Sergei, is now doing Russia’s biggest hardcore label – Old Skool Kids Records. Other members were in SKYGRAIN, UNCONFORM, ARGUMENT 5.45 etc).

Ta: Alex Volkov and Mikly.

Videos from hardcore gigs in Russia.

December 26, 2007

And speaking of Alex Volkov: he followed up that DOLBI SISTEMU video with a bunch more of great live stuff from hardcore gigs in Russia in the last ten years or so, a lot of which he shot himself.

In a chronological order (all gigs in St. Petersburg unless noted otherwise):

‘TIL I DIE (St. Petersburg, Russia) “New Bloody Lesson” August 29, 2002 at Orlandina club – (In retrospect, they are perhaps the band that’s most responsible for the current hardcore scene in this city).

HOPE DIES LAST (Valmiera, Latvia) September 13, 2002 at Moloko club – (They were one of the first foreign hardcore bands to play in Russia).

8 HZ (St. Petersburg, Russia) 2 songs April 26, 2003 at the School 32 – (One of their very first gigs. First song features Shera on vocals).

YARCHE 1000 SOLNTS (Moscow, Russia) “My Favourite Things” April 26, 2003 at the School 32 – (Their first line up, all former SKYGRAIN members).

MARSCHAK (Moscow, Russia) “Apraxiya” April 26, 2003 at the School 32 – (They were perhaps the first screamo band here. Some achievement, eh).

CHANGES (Moscow, Russia) May 4, 2003 at Moloko club – (They’ve just released their 2nd CD I’m told).

HERO DISHONEST (Helsinki, Finland) September 3, 2003 at Moloko club – (Their 2nd trip to Russia. It was spectacular).

WHEN MY AUTHORITIES FALL (Riga, Latvia) November 27, 2003 at Moloko club – (Some of my most favourite people played in this band. Former and current members of CITA ATTIEKSME, V3V, TESA, IN.STORA, ZHURKIES, PEST OF A CHILD etc.)

SANDINISTA! (St. Petersburg, Russia) December 21, 2003 at Orlandina club – ( This is one of their first gigs. Guitarist Timur was murdered by a gang of nazis in November 2005).

FOR THE CAUSE (Pushkin, Russia) March 23, 2004 at Moloko club – (The singer, Pasha, had died in a car crash in the Summer of 2006. Guitar player Max later played in CUT ‘N’ RUN, while drummer Vaniok was in SANDINISTA!, DISTRESS and CUT ‘N’ RUN).

ECHO IS YOUR LOVE (Helsinki, Finland) February 19, 2005 at Kochegarka club in Vyborg – (Another big adventure involving our Finnish mates).

KINO – Blood Type

December 26, 2007

Kino cca. 1989

OK, this next track is the English-language version of “Gruppa Krovi” by Leningrad’s most popular 1980s rock band KINO. The Russian original is from 1988, off the LP of the same name. In January 1989 the band went to France to record a best-of type compilation for the French market (it’s called “Le Dernier Des L’Héros,” and it flopped). It was during those sessions at Studio du Val d’Orge that they’ve done “Blood Type” in English. I would guess the translation comes from Joanna Stingray, American wife of the guitar player Yuri Kasparian. He’s first left on the photo above – click to enlarge . The other members are, left to right, singer Viktor Tsoi (he died in August 1990 in a car crash in Latvia), drummer Georgy “Gustav” Guryanov and bassist Igor Tikhomirov. The track sat unreleased until 2002 when Moroz Records did a CD called “Posledniye Zapisi” (“Last Recordings”) that also featured rough versions of songs from 1989 and 1990, as well as some solo acoustic stuff by Tsoi.



SVINOKOP – “Pas De Chance” tape out.

December 24, 2007

New tape release on SzSS: SVINOKOP “Pas De Chance – Rarities and Beauties 2000 – 2007.” This is an anthology of demo (and sometimes live) recordings by this St. Petersburg / Paris / Sydney punk / hardcore / noise etc. band. 64 tracks recorded between 2000 and 2007, including covers by FLIPPER, ZLOY POP, Serge Gainsbourg, TORETS TOTALITARIZMA, BERURIER NOIR, BIRTHDAY PARTY. 24-page booklet with lyrics, remembrances, photos and info. Limited to 200. Co-released with ex-members’ labels Karma*Mira Records, Total Blam Blam and Stauropygial Records.

DOTTIE DANGER – 2006 demo

December 24, 2007

Dottie Danger demo cover

Now, something current, finally. My homies DOTTIE DANGER are former and present members of SVINOKOP, ‘TIL I DIE, CUT & RUN, WE BLEED CHARISMA, IGRAI GARMON, WHAT WE FEEL, MASS MURDER, KUBA – that’s a lot of pedigree! Anyway, they got together in late 2005 I think and recorded this here demo CDR in January 2006 (it’s sold out now). I think it trumps their full-length CD that was released later the same year (though it’s still pretty killer). In a few days they’re releasing a CDEP (with AGENT ORANGE, YEGOR I OPIZDENEVSHIYE and HUSKER DU covers and a few originals), and a split 7″ with THE KING KONGS (garage / surf, also from St. Petersburg) is due out in 2008. The lyrics are of personal nature, and are fairly twisted.


1. Sozhzheniye (The Burning) 2. Raneniy Vrag (Wounded Enemy) 3. Korm (Feed) 4. Tot Kto Zhdyot (He Who Waits) 5. Fotorobot (Photorobot) 6. Tikhiye Dni (Quiet Days)



DOLBI SISTEMU – “Zvyozdam Vsyo Idyot” live 1998

December 24, 2007

St. Petersburg’s pioneering anarchopunks captured in all of their ragged glory in May 1998 at Lesopilka club. The song (“Everything fits you when you’re a star”) mocks rock stars, rather viciously. The band’s recordings were later compiled on “25 Songs” tape co-released by SzSS and NotLG Tapes.

Ta: Alex Volkov

CHUDO-YUDO – from “Avariya – Doch Menta”.

December 21, 2007

Just to set the scene… This is a bit from 1989 Soviet film “Avariya -Doch Menta” (“Avariya the Cop’s Daughter”) in which Moscow punk band CHUDO-YUDO is playing a couple of songs – their theme song “Chudo-Yudo” first, and when the cops attack the crowd, they play something anti-cop. They have formed in 1983 and are probably still around playing shitty gigs with dodgy bands. They’ve recorded an album’s worth of stuff working on that film’s soundtrack. A lot of that stuff was released on thier split LP with NAIVE. There’s also a live track or two on the German compilation LP “Dawai Rock’n’Roll”, as well as tape and CD appearances.

Oh. There goes.

December 21, 2007

Basically this is something of a clearing house for stuff related to music in (the countries of former) USSR that I find good, interesting and / or amusing. The emphasis would be on punk rock and other underground stuff.