NOLA – “Let There Shine” live in St. Petersburg Jan. 8, 2008.

Well, a big hearty thank you once again goes to Alex Volkov who filmed last night’s gig at Zoccolo club in St. Petersburg. It featured locals TRY THE BONE and ARTTESTER as well as a rare appearance by veteran Moscow indie band NOLA (at various times also known as ENOLA).


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10 Responses to “NOLA – “Let There Shine” live in St. Petersburg Jan. 8, 2008.”

  1. vi Says:

    working title of this song is “let the shine”. if you want to have a full video of this show, please mail to

  2. vi Says:

    big thanx to ifhg for organisation

  3. soveticus Says:

    No worries whatsoever, the pleasure was all mine.

  4. Uncly Bonibons Says:

    Do not mention cursed word ENOLA reffering to NOLA band! Okey? They do not like it. It irritates them so much, that I swallow my tongue in sacred fear. Show some respect to Veterans of Moscow who-Indie Band, yobanarot!
    Hello to Bakhtier Kalabiev! Stay Nolo!

  5. костя кпекеп Says:

    у них есть записи?
    я не смог даже сайт/майспэйса найти.

  6. soveticus Says:

    There ARE recordings, at least one full-length CDR. But no website and no myspace either.

  7. vi Says:

    nola albums on surfaces records here:
    and here:

  8. soveticus Says:

    Another song from the same gig.

  9. vi Says:

    failure!! my apologies: first song called “let there shine”. another nola song from the same gig called “autumn cemetery”

  10. soveticus Says:

    How goth!

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