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RIVUSCHIYE STRUNY – Live in St. Petersburg.

March 30, 2008

One of Russia’s top bands for me, RIVUSCHIYE STRUNY, have made a trip down to St. Petersburg this weekend. Unfortunately, I missed their gig at GEZ altogether and only caught the last couple of songs they played at Zoccolo, but it was enough to send me to crawl and convulse on the floor. I borrowed money, bought a t-shirt, borrowed a marker and had the shirt signed by guitarist Alexei Bortnichuk. Alex Volkov filmed both shows, and posted clips online.

“San Frantsysko” live from Zoccolo:

And some stuff from GEZ, with a random audience member swapping his beer for a chance to play Bortnichuk’s guitar:

And here’s what I had to say about the band’s second CD when asked to do so by Pulse magazine for its November 2007 issue:


“Maskovskaya Riznya Elektra Gitarami – Chyast #1 (1970)”

(Otdeleniye Vykhod)

I would say that this band is the closest that Moscow got to the genius that is the Stooges since “Moskovskiye Kanikuly” album by Nick Rock’n’Roll & Lolita. Some seventeen years have passed since then, garage rock is now trendy, and Iggy Pop himself has blessed Russia’s capital city with his appearances twice. Iggy and the Stooges have actually played there about three weeks before this CD was released. Anyway, the Rivuschiye Struny (Houling Strings) member with the most impressive CV would be one of their guitar players, Alexei Bortnichuk, formerly a member of Zvuki Mu and Mamonov I Alexei. His stardom, however, doesn’t overshadow the other band members. Although, like almost every record with at least a distant smell of real rock and roll, this is primarily a guitar album (the title means something like “The Moscow Electric Guitar Massacre,” albeit with a whole bunch of misspellings). But the energy, drive and imagination of the other members are impossible to miss in the raw, “simple” recording, and Vova Terekh’s poetry is rather brilliant as it is, despite the similarity of subject matter – the life of 1970s hippies / criminals – to that of Zvuki Mu’s Pyotr Mamonov and DK’s Sergei Zharikov. Well, I wouldn’t say that an attempt to imagine what “Fun House” would’ve sounded like in the Soviet Union sounds like a trendy kinda thing, but it’s defo TRUUUUUUE!

It was a five-star review, needless to say.


Deadly Nazi Attack on a Punk Gig in Moscow.

March 16, 2008

Today (March 16) around 6.30 or 6.40 pm in the Moscow city centre at the exit of Kitai-Gorod metro station a group of about 15 neonazis armed with knives have attacked 5 people who were going to a hardcore / punk gig headlined by Karelian oi band NICHEGO KHOROSHEGO at Art Garbage club. As a result of attack a punk aged 21, Alexei Krylov from the Moscow Region town of Noginsk, has died due to multiple stab wounds some 15 minutes later, before the ambulance arrived. A girl attacked in the same incident survived by a chance – the knife got stuck in her backpack less than an inch from her body. There were several nazi mobs in the area each numbering 10-15 people attacking antifascists. The gig was cancelled a few bands in after some pepper spray was used and windows broken by persons unknown. The attack appears to have been planned in advance with involvement of some FC Spartak hooligans.

Alexei’s survived by his mother and two younger sisters. The family is poor and they need material help for the funeral. (Russian residents can send money via, account number 4100164493592).

Nearly two years ago in Moscow 19 years old Alexander Ryukhin has been murdered by a nazi gang on his way to a hardcore gig. (directions on using WebMoney account)

P.S. On March 19 between 200 and 300 antifascist activists have taken part in a march in Alexei’s memory between Kropotkinskaya and Smolenskaya metro stations in downtown Moscow. They carried banners, chanted slogans and burned torches. It went largely peacefully despite being illegal and despite fascists making plans to attack the marchers.

CONFLICT OK! – Stop Madness, Stop Police.

March 15, 2008

CONFLICT OK! is an Estonian punk band that existed between 1998 and 2004 and seems to have reformed recently. They’ve released a full-length tape / CDR “Defekt” in 1999, and haven’t been terribly active with recordings since then. The later stuff, however, I consider to be better than the album, it’s livelier and sharper sounding. The lineup featured PAHA VÄRK and NOISEMURDER member Aarne on guitar and, on those early 21st century recordings, PSYCHOTERROR and ZLO member Liba on drums, while the singer Promille Promille now co-fronts J.M.K.E. In 2002 Aarne has compiled a few songs that were recorded after the album on a CDR called “Stop Madness, Stop Police”; some of them featured on compilations. Here it is, in glorious mp3 format.

1. Halb Ja Hea

2. Po-lits-ei

3. Konflikt

4. Teistest Parem

5. Võrk

6. Tallalakkuja

RICOCHET – Radar video.

March 8, 2008

Anna Neva’s filmclip for a live version of “Radar” by Moscow’s DIY punk rock supergroup RICOCHET – not to be confused with the solo project of the late OBYEKT NASMESHEK singer Alexandr “Rikoshet” Axyonov. RICOCHET includes members of NO COPIES, SALPETRIERE, RAY, LOA LOA, YARCHE 1000 SOLNTS, SKYGRAIN, and their releases include a demo CDR and a full-length CD on their singer’s label.

The lyrics for “Radar” go like this:

we’re walking following our own footprints looking for the new roads in the fog of the mistakes of others in the coolness of our own shades. isn’t it the same force that makes us go in circles makes our hands choose, while our minds keep sleeping, following someone else’s choice?

yes! now and today is the day when i want to go out of your control. i want the dot of my life to explode and grow into something bigger, i want to go out of your radar.