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DURNOYE VLIYANIYE – “24 Chasa” video.

October 13, 2008

Video for the DURNOYE VLIYANIYE song “24 Chasa” (“24 Hours”) by Andrius Ventslova, cca. 1988. The band was one of the leading lights of Leningrad post punk scene of its time; the members went on to play in BONDZINSKY, SPITFIRE, BRIGADNIY PODRYAD, JUGENDSTIL and GRANDSHUTTLEBAND. In 2003 SzSS and Karma Mira reissued their debut album, “Nepodvizhnost,” on tape. I still have copies available. English translation of the lyrics follows.

24 hours

if there is a door i have to walk in
in dark rooms in ancient houses
for a long time i couldn’t pass by
nightmare dreams and horrible fear

i’d seen naked nerves more than once
but maybe i’ll do what ian curtis did
i pity your crying fading eyes
can i put them out before dying

24 hours of senseless scenes
24 hours of senseless words
walls with no windows apartments with no walls
it seems to me i’m long dead already

it seems to me that some stranger’s hand
the noose i have to put my neck through
i hear you tenderly whisper goodbye
24 hours to die


My five cents…

October 11, 2008

Lunatic Fridge

Lunatic Fridge

An interview with yours truly can be found here:
It seems that the comrades have translated their own translation of the original English-language interview back from German, alas. As is mentioned, it’s printed in the October issue of Trust zine in Germany. Another interview, conducted over email and translated into French should be in Ratcharge #14 but I haven’t seen it yet.
Ratcharge 14 cover

Ratcharge 14 cover

Antifascist Fyodor “Fedyay” Filatov has been killed in Moscow.

October 11, 2008
Fyodor Fedyay Filatov

Fyodor "Fedyay" Filatov

I’m back, but I don’t have any particularly good things to report. Follows is a slightly edited version of the news of the death of Fyodor “Fedyay” Filatov, one of the leaders of Moscow Trojan Skinheads, most likely murdered by nazis.

In the morning of October 10, 2008, Fyodor Vasiliyevich Filatov aka Fedyay has died in a hospital from multiple knife wounds. He was only 27 years old.
Around 7:30 a.m. he walked out of his apartment block in Moscow. He was attacked by four unknown persons, armed with knives. There is no doubt that these people planned this attack. As a result, having received numerous knife injuries, Fyodor Filatov has been taken to hospital on the ambulance. Feodor has died in a hospital without regaining consciousness.
We, friends and comrades, deeply grieve over his untimely death. We remember Fedyay as the staunch friend and the fine person who could not pass by the stranger’s misfortune or leave a comrade in trouble. It was one of those people who stood at basis of Moscow Trojan Skinheads, community of apolitical antiracist skinheads from Moscow and Moscow Region. He made for development of Russian antiracist skinhead scene more than anybody else. There is no doubt that he was murdered for his believes.
Memory of him will eternally live in our hearts. Rest in peace, brother.
Never forget! Never forgive!