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Mikhail “Mikka” Dryzlov was killed.

December 30, 2008

This year is beyond terrible. My good pal Mikhail “Mikka” Dryzlov, 24, has been found drowned in the Moika today. He went missing shortly after midnight on Boxing Day as he was walking home to his wife Kseniya and eleven-months old daugher Vasilisa. The circumstances are yet to be cleared; the desperate search didn’t yield much of anything. Most likely he’s been robbed and thrown into the river.
Mikka was a singer in local hardcore / grind band OPARYSH OSOZNAL, now defunct, keen photographer, active participant in local social movements such as Critical Mass etc., and simply the sweetest person around. I’m yet to understand what happened but I know for sure that the world is now a dreary, terrible place if wonderful people like him meet such terrible fates.
He was buried at the Alexander Nevsky Church cemetery at the village of Ust-Izhora on January 4, 2009.
Condolences to his family.


MESSER CHUPS don’t fail to amaze…

December 14, 2008



I went to a MESSER CHUPS gig last night, and was much amuzed. They’re one of my favourite local bands as far as recordings go but I wasn’t sure what the live version would be like. The tour videos that one of their CDs included were kind of, whatever, two blokes and a Bettie Page lookalike playing surf music with a video screen behind them projecting horror B-movie excerpts. But, well, the lookalike in question is named Zombie Girl. The playing – that of guitarist / bandleader Oleg Gitarkin (also in NOZH DLYA FRAU MUELLER), anyway – was extraordinary, huge sound, amazing technique. Their new drummer is Alexander Belkov of CHIKISS. Finally, there was one extra bloke on stage that night – Alexander Skvortsov (DURNOYE VLIYANIYE) did a few songs now and then. They were all in rather scary-sounding English. I take it he’s gonna be on the band’s next album but I dunno when that would materialise. They’ve got the whole greaser aesthetic down.
Oh, and speaking of Bettie Page, MESSER CHUPS’ cover of “The Model” by KRAFTWERK was dedicated to her memory.

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