SA-SA “Paskutinės Dainos”

SA-SA tape front cover

Front cover

This Lithuanian band is a truly weird, excellent and, alas, somewhat obscure example of the coveted East European punk rock. Macabre and merry in approximately equal measures, it is rather garage yet effective sounding. Cue organic-sounding keyboards throughout and occasional terrace-choir singalongs. Catchy tunes get their commercial potential squashed by moribund artwork, and hailing from where they did, in 1994, of all years, was perhaps a surefire way to remain (garage punk) unknowns. The tape was released by Tundra Records, and I remain clueless as to whether they had any other releases. They didn’t really have to; this is a masterpiece. I have no clue as to what they sang about, my non-existent Lithuanian is enough to catch enough mentions of the words like ‘death’ and ‘dying’ to put most grind bands to shame. The kind people at uploaded the mp3s (in 2002), and I scanned the cover and the insert (it’s double-sided).


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4 Responses to “SA-SA “Paskutinės Dainos””

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  2. karpis Says:

    their songs are about despair and nihilism. higly sophisticated. and they can’t be labeled as post punk. they are punk. in 1994 they just recorded album in two weakends. they were active about 1988. use google translate and read this

    • soveticus Says:

      Some good punk can be filed under post punk label as well, i.e. THE FALL. I have read the article but obviously that was after I posted this thing.

  3. romki Says:

    I discovered sa-sa in 2000. And eversince tried to spread the album. I travelled many times to LT / LV and noticed much lithuanian people never heard of this band. They’re all very impressed when they hear it. The album is incredible, I listen to it since 12 years, and I can’t say the same about much bands…
    THANKS A LOT! to the people who, finally, put up their history and lyrics on the net.
    And to you too, good pick.

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