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7 Responses to “About”

  1. Manfred Mumpelputz Says:

    I just wanna tell you:
    i like your blog and your blogroll too!
    you give me some actuall information about the russian scene. thank you!
    maybe you like my blog too:

  2. soveticus Says:

    Oh thank you kind sir. I’ll defo check your blog out. Too bad I’ve been so lazy with mine lately.

  3. AbsoluteOff Says:

    Hi! Great blog!! I’m from Hungary and i like a former Soviet punk/new wave, for example band Дурное Влияние is very very great, i like their. So, some weeks ago i watched a video about “Leningrad Rockfest 1988” and i would like to put a question. On this video i watched a band “HATE!”. I don’t know this band, but i think, it was a punk influenced band. And i try to search any recordings to “HATE!”, but i couldn’t find….
    So, do you know this band?

    PS:Former soviet punk is very interesting me. Till now, i got a punkbands from Baltic Republics (e.g: Generator M, Propeller, Kopli Otell), and i got a “V/A-SOVIET PUNK 1980-1991” sampler, but i think, it’s a not so good russian punk sampler, because i think “Kino” or “Zoopark” were not a punkbands, they were a simple rock bands.
    So, do you know punkband “OMON”? I have only one track from their, the name of the track: “Izvraschtenija”. Do you have more OMON songs?

    Hey, i also make a blog. Watch my blog: http://www.nomorevictim.blogspot.com You can download lot of interesting Hungarian punk or new wave bands.


  4. soveticus Says:

    Hey there – NATE! (HATE in Cyrillics) was a project of the ALISA bassist Svyatoslav Zaderiy. I don’t care too much for them musically and I think the lyrics were pretty weak; I think I met their ex-drummer Sergei Navetniy about 12 years ago. I haven’t got much recordings from them and I am not sure where they can be gotten. I compiled the “Monolog Iz Podvorotni – Soviet Punk Anthology” tape a few years ago and I know the KINO or ZOOPARK weren’t exactly punk bands, but the members were involved in the early Leningrad punk scene; it’s mentioned on the cover – I assume you don’t have it? OMON (OTRYAD MASTURBATOROV OSOBOGO NAZNACHENIYA) was a project of people who later went on to form SIBIRSKIY MASTURBATOR, ORGAZM NE NASTUPIL, OTKAZ OT NASILIYA, TOCHKA ZRENIYA, BOYNYA NR 5 and now LITSOM V GUDRON. There’s an interview with Alexei Shvedov somewhere on this blog. I only have an OMON tape with two albums from 1991-1992 and I’m not sure if any material from them is available digitally. I shall look at your blog when I get my soundcard working again, thanks.

  5. AbsoluteOff Says:


    I have some question about band Дурное Влияние. I very like this russian band!! But i don’t know anything about this band. Could you write something about this band?

    PS: your blog is very good, i like!


  6. AbsoluteOff Says:

    Hello, i send e-mail for you about SzSS and LP trade-exchange.

  7. soveticus Says:

    Hey. No email (yet), and DURNOYE VLIYANIYE? I’ll see what I can do, in fact there’s been bits and bobs of info in this blog.

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