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WE BLEED CHARISMA – Minimum Rock ‘N’ Roll demo.

January 17, 2009

St. Petersburg’s WE BLEED CHARISMA had an extremely short career cca. 2005. To my knowledge, they only ever played one gig, at Deep Sound Club at that, with GOODOK and KYSHTYM-23, a KING-KONGS side project. That was for a reason, only one of the members is a native of this fine city – singer Pavel Sasin (‘TIL I DIE, DOTTIE DANGER) aka DJ Pablo Diablo. Kostya Severniy the drummer was originally from Severodvinsk where he fronted pop punk band VYSHKA. He later drummed in CUT’N’RUN and is now in WIDOWLAND, as well as playing as a solo act which I personally find rather distasteful. French guitarist Seb is a member of SLEEP TALKER and CALL ME LORETTA. I dunno where the seppo sheila (the term used ironically) Naomi who was a keyboardist played before or after WBC, can anyone clue me in? They recorded nine songs, of which only a couple were properly mixed (and consequently released on a bunch of compilations in Russia and France). No cover, no nothing, can’t even find a band photo. It is still good. The degree to which English was mastered by this lot (who didn’t sing in Russian) is obvious from the name. Uploaded by Kostya.


DOTTIE DANGER – 2006 demo

December 24, 2007

Dottie Danger demo cover

Now, something current, finally. My homies DOTTIE DANGER are former and present members of SVINOKOP, ‘TIL I DIE, CUT & RUN, WE BLEED CHARISMA, IGRAI GARMON, WHAT WE FEEL, MASS MURDER, KUBA – that’s a lot of pedigree! Anyway, they got together in late 2005 I think and recorded this here demo CDR in January 2006 (it’s sold out now). I think it trumps their full-length CD that was released later the same year (though it’s still pretty killer). In a few days they’re releasing a CDEP (with AGENT ORANGE, YEGOR I OPIZDENEVSHIYE and HUSKER DU covers and a few originals), and a split 7″ with THE KING KONGS (garage / surf, also from St. Petersburg) is due out in 2008. The lyrics are of personal nature, and are fairly twisted.


1. Sozhzheniye (The Burning) 2. Raneniy Vrag (Wounded Enemy) 3. Korm (Feed) 4. Tot Kto Zhdyot (He Who Waits) 5. Fotorobot (Photorobot) 6. Tikhiye Dni (Quiet Days)