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DJ SZARAPOW – “Living Through The Eighties”.

December 27, 2007

Mixtape recorded at Stirka bar, St. Petersburg, May 18, 2007.



chernavsky & matetsky – zdravstvui malchik bananan *the jam – precious * the fall – telephone thing * stevie wonder – superstition * serge gainsbourg & charlotte gainsbourg – lemon incest *meeting on elbe – light my fire * david bowie – look back in anger * the b-52’s – give me back my man * center – privet * killing joke – eighties * petlya nesterova – vyzhit * cabaret voltaire – why kill time (when you can kill yourself) * kino – muraveinik * ninetynine – the process * midnight oil – beds are burning * linton kwesi johnson – di black petty bushwah * stranniye igry – smotri v oba * trojans – arna-fari * the clash – the guns of brixton * public image ltd. – public image * siouxsie & the banshees – happy house * no hope for the kids – rainy day * black sabbath – paranoid * motorhead – ace of spades * judas priest – breaking the law

This is what you get when you mess with us.


KINO – Blood Type

December 26, 2007

Kino cca. 1989

OK, this next track is the English-language version of “Gruppa Krovi” by Leningrad’s most popular 1980s rock band KINO. The Russian original is from 1988, off the LP of the same name. In January 1989 the band went to France to record a best-of type compilation for the French market (it’s called “Le Dernier Des L’Héros,” and it flopped). It was during those sessions at Studio du Val d’Orge that they’ve done “Blood Type” in English. I would guess the translation comes from Joanna Stingray, American wife of the guitar player Yuri Kasparian. He’s first left on the photo above – click to enlarge . The other members are, left to right, singer Viktor Tsoi (he died in August 1990 in a car crash in Latvia), drummer Georgy “Gustav” Guryanov and bassist Igor Tikhomirov. The track sat unreleased until 2002 when Moroz Records did a CD called “Posledniye Zapisi” (“Last Recordings”) that also featured rough versions of songs from 1989 and 1990, as well as some solo acoustic stuff by Tsoi.