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PARNEY – Ya Khochu Kogo Khotet Nelzya.

January 30, 2008

This three-song CD-R demo by St. Petersburg band PARNEY has been perhaps the most pleasant local discovery for me in the last few weeks. Fronted by the avid Morrissey fan Dima Darin (come to think of it, the name sounds like that of someone from the Larry Parnes stable) and featuring guitar, backing vocals and vibes by WINE’s Alexei Winer, this is, like, guitar pop with all the right influences and the typically downbeat lyrics referencing unhappy lurve, Moloko club and listening to records.

1. Ya Khochu Kogo Khotet Nelzya (I Want The One That Can’t Be Wanted)

2. Vot Razvlecheniye (That’s Entertainment – by The Jam, lyrics translated by Darin, arranged by Parney)

3. Tretiy Raz Podryad (Third Time In A Row)