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A bit of self-promotion…

January 27, 2010

Can’t be bothered with a proper update, so just a self-congratulating quickie.

Cover by Sean Fitzpatrick.

Yes, there's a Medvedev somehwere.

One, yours truly has been interviewed by Danny O’Rawe in his zine Back2Front #5 which can be ordered at back2fron (a//e) I mostly mumble about politics and punk rock. It’s a great read although I haven’t yet finished reading it (gives you an idea of how bloody huge it is).

Also, a song by SVINOKOP (“Nikakogo Pozitiva,” a.k.a. “Only Hatred,” if you care to know) was used in a fairly random YouTube video documenting a protest in East Jerusalem.

If you google hard enough and will be able to stand some atrocious playing and immense amounts of blabbering about fascism in Russian you can see a live video of the same song which we played at the first gig with our new drummer. It’s quite raw but we intend to jam some more and put it out as a single. I kid you not.


SVINOKOP – “Pas De Chance” tape out.

December 24, 2007

New tape release on SzSS: SVINOKOP “Pas De Chance – Rarities and Beauties 2000 – 2007.” This is an anthology of demo (and sometimes live) recordings by this St. Petersburg / Paris / Sydney punk / hardcore / noise etc. band. 64 tracks recorded between 2000 and 2007, including covers by FLIPPER, ZLOY POP, Serge Gainsbourg, TORETS TOTALITARIZMA, BERURIER NOIR, BIRTHDAY PARTY. 24-page booklet with lyrics, remembrances, photos and info. Limited to 200. Co-released with ex-members’ labels Karma*Mira Records, Total Blam Blam and Stauropygial Records.