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Been a while…

January 11, 2010

Hello blog.
Quite a bit of time has passed since the last update. I think the chief reason I wasn’t motivated is because my ability to listen to music in digital format has been hindered somewhat. It’s still hindered, I’m not making any grand promises, no nothing, if I can’t be bothered I simply have bigger and better things to do with my life. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing a proper music zine, and not one of those little anarchist papers, or this blog.

Drunk Nach Osten #2 cover

Drunk Nach Osten #2 cover

Paaya in Brno, Czech Republic, has been stealing my bread – he has finished 2nd issue of his English-language East European punk rock fanzine which can be downloaded as PDF / MP3 archive here. “Contains interviews with HUMAN ERROR (Hungary), Sanych from DEFECT IN INDUSTRY zine and ME4TEC (Belarus), GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA (Russia), CRITICA RADICALA (Germany/Romania); scene report from Ukraine, articles about HC/underground in Latvia and History of Czech punk (KECUP, A64), lots of reviews, lyrics and photos.” They are making print version with a proper CDR attached in the spring.
Profane Existence
Those with interest in MP3s and East European punk rock will find gratification in listening to Scairt Radio #09, January 11, 2010 which features Russian diy crust/d-beat punk scene & boozing with Jan from Kismet HC. The full list of songs that were played, as well as a download link, can be found here.
The soy milk of human kindness that runs through my veins directs me to provide you with something as cheerful as the English translation of the lyrics to DISTRESS song “Last Day of the Human Race” which you will have the pleasure to hear on the radio:

Days are numbered, the earth dies
As a living organism it closes the circle of life

Last day of the human race

For our sins, nature suffers
The earth doesn’t forgive such a mistake

Last day of the human race

I have quite some catching up to do.


RICOCHET – Radar video.

March 8, 2008

Anna Neva’s filmclip for a live version of “Radar” by Moscow’s DIY punk rock supergroup RICOCHET – not to be confused with the solo project of the late OBYEKT NASMESHEK singer Alexandr “Rikoshet” Axyonov. RICOCHET includes members of NO COPIES, SALPETRIERE, RAY, LOA LOA, YARCHE 1000 SOLNTS, SKYGRAIN, and their releases include a demo CDR and a full-length CD on their singer’s label.

The lyrics for “Radar” go like this:

we’re walking following our own footprints looking for the new roads in the fog of the mistakes of others in the coolness of our own shades. isn’t it the same force that makes us go in circles makes our hands choose, while our minds keep sleeping, following someone else’s choice?

yes! now and today is the day when i want to go out of your control. i want the dot of my life to explode and grow into something bigger, i want to go out of your radar.